The Senator from an intergalactic penal colony
Dr Bob Brown is a Greens Senator in the Australian Federal Parliament. He comes from the remote planet of Tasmania. He is adorably cute and, according to Gerard Henderson, he gets a free run from the local press.
Update: Friday the 13th, April, 2012

The Australian Aborigines have a traditional practice known as "pointing the bone". When a bone has been pointed at someone, that person is expected to die, often within days.

Have I been 'pointing the bone' inadvertently at some of our politicians? A short time after I posted a picture of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, he was politically 'executed' by Julia Gillard. Just days after I posted a picture of Bob Brown, he dramatically announced his retirement from the leadership of the Australian Greens and from the Senate.

Am I an artistic Kurdaitcha? A Kurdaitcha, in Aboriginal lore, is a ritual executioner. It's a worry!

On the other hand, perhaps Bob Brown is simply preparing to return to his home planet!