The Evil Senator Stephen Conroy
Dragged down into Hell, for crimes against the Internet
Senator Stephen Conroy is a member of the Rudd Labor Government in Australia. He is following in the footsteps of autocratic regimes like China and Iran by trying to censor the Internet in this country. His plan to establish mandatory filters has been condemned as heavy-handed by freedom loving people, organisations and governments across the globe. These filters will remain hidden in a secret list.

UPDATE: 24/10/10

Although the Federal Labor Government had a near-death experience at the last election, and now must govern Australia with the support of the Greens and a few independents, Senator Conroy is pushing ahead with his plans for Internet censorship. PM Julia Gillard appears to be supporting him on this issue. The fight is still on.

UPDATE: 2017

The Gillard Government has long gone, and Senator Conroy quit Parliament in September, 2016. His attempts at censoring the internet did not succeed. It seems that Heaven and Hell do indeed exist. Hallelujah!