Using visual images to comment on issues can be effective, but there is a tendency to simplify matters. It is difficult to present a multitude of viewpoints relating to any problem, as one could when writing an essay on a given subject.

Globalism is a phenomenon which has affected our world for decades, for better and for worse. In the 19th Century, Great Britain was the principle engine of global change. Its latest manifestation has brought us such benefits as the Internet, and the prosecution of those who have committed crimes against humanity, but the downside (at least for some people) is the possible disappearance of entire cultures through benign neglect.

Global cultural diversity is at stake here as the world is increasingly dominated by a few mega-corporations, most of which have a distinct American flavour.

There are some voices which maintain that Globalism is inevitable and cannot be stopped. But that was what Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao said about Communism, and look what happened to THAT movement.

As a sceptic and an occasional optimist, I doubt if anything is 'inevitable'.