Grandmother and Child
This painting was started in 1974 and completed in 1976. That was the time of the death struggle of the Whitlam Government in Australia, an administration which began with such high hopes in 1972, but which was eventually destroyed by the incomptence of various Senior Ministers. The incompetents included Jim Cairns, the Treasurer, whose intials inspired this Australian Nativity Scene.

The grandmother in question was Junie Morosi. It was rumoured at the time that she and Cairns were lovers. This was denied by both of them at first, but, in 2002, Cairns finally admitted the affair.

The overall painting is just a little over 8 feet and 6 inches wide. I have used the Golden Section throughout the composition, including the shapes of the individual panels. It is a fake triptych, as it is not designed to be closed for Lent.

If you wish to see details of the painting showing some of the cast of this melodrama, please CLICK HERE .