Ke-Vin-0.7, the Machine Man from Queensland
Ms Therese Rein, a successful Australian businesswoman, purchased the Ke-Vin-0.7 online from a Chinese manfacturer. This may explain why it is more fluent in Mandarin than in English. When the Ke-Vin-0.7 is speaking in English, it is difficult to get straight answers from it.

Ms Rein claims that this Ke-Vin-0.7 is almost human. As a joke, she sometimes passes it off as her husband. She has succeeded in having it elected to Parliament, and this Ke-Vin-0.7 is currently acting as Prime Minister of Australia.

Ke-Vin-0.7s are made in the same Chinese factory which produced the primitive "Het-ty John-s-ton" model. They share the same Motherboard.

The Ke-Vin-0.7 is capable of operating 21 hours per day, 7 days a week. It only requires 3 hours to recharge its batteries.

This painting is dedicated to all the over-worked public servants of Canberra... and there is a little cartoon below about the Church of Global Warming.

Update: 24th June 2010.

The Ke-Vin-0.7 (a.k.a Kevin Rudd) has been exterminated by The Termillard (CLICK to view pic and additional text).

Julia Gillard has today replaced him/it as Prime Minister of Australia.

Oh, where can you find a new Martin Luther, when you really need one?