Comrade Kim-Il Beazley
Kim Beazley was appointed as Labor Leader of the Opposition after the Labor Party, under Prime Minister Paul Keating, suffered a landslide defeat in 1996 at the hands of John Howard's Liberal Party. Although Beazley did not win the subsequent federal election, he did manage to claw back many of the seats lost to the Liberals, and positioned his Party to win Government at the next election. Unfortunately, he lost yet again, and resigned from the leadership. After a period in which Simon Crean became the leader of the opposition, to be replaced by a walking disaster called Mark Latham, Kim returned to that position and hoped to do much better the next time around. Alas, it was not to be. He was eventually dumped by his own party in favour of a bloke called Kevin from Queensland.

Incidentally, it was the Liberal ex-Senator Richard Alston who first described Beazley as Comrade Kim-Il.

[I should declare here that I was a member of the Australian Labor Party from 1976 till I resigned in 1990. Neither of the two major political parties in Australia attracts many genuine members these days, although there appear to be lots of fake ones in ‘stacked’ branches of both of them.]