Nurse and Child
This picture was painted in London in the Sixties. It was a good time to be there! I was fortunate then to be assisted by a private cultural trust which provided my wife and I with a free house in Pimlico, in the very heart of London. Although I was dirt poor, I could walk to the Tate and the National Galleries, and it cost me a shilling to catch a bus to the British Museum.

I had been given a 'ticket' to the Prints and Drawings Room of the British Museum. The Prints and Drawings Room contains arguably the World's greatest collection of drawings by the Old Masters. It was a boon to me as all the art schools I had approached in London in the Sixties had become 'radical' and were refusing to teach their students anything at all. They simply encouraged their students to 'express' themselves with buckets and brooms!

For my years as a private, 'post-grad' student of Renaissance art in London, the British Museum, the National and the Tate Galleries were indispensable. (I had previously completed a 5 year Painting Diploma at the National Art School at East Sydney.)

For those of you who may be interested in the esoteric study of a Painter's Secret Geometry, Nurse and Child was designed throughout with the Golden Section in mind.