Obama Rising
If one were to accept what the mainstream media in the USA had to say about the 2008 federal election, one could be forgiven for believing that Barack Obama can walk on water. Or float in air.

Since Obama is obviously a Chicago Machine Politician to his very core, I wonder how long the US media can keep on pretending that he is a sweet innocent of American politics?

On the other hand, a tough, flexible, Chicago politician may be just what the USA and the World needs right now! We certainly don't want a naive softie in the White House.

We live in interesting times. I wish President Obama luck for the next four years.

UPDATE: 20th April, 2009

The more I see how Obama is behaving, especially on the world stage, the more I admire him!

Here is a quote from him which seems to sum up his approach to world affairs... in my opinion, a welcome change from previous administrations:

"I firmly believe that if we're willing to break free from the arguments and ideologies of an earlier era and continue to act, as we have at this summit, with a sense of mutual responsibility and mutual respect and mutual interest, then each of our nations can come out of this challenging period stronger and more prosperous, and we can advance opportunity, equality, and security across the Americas".

I have always been puzzled why a nation as rich and powerful as the USA often has had such difficulty acknowledging its mistakes. My country, right or wrong, is a slogan more befitting a small, scared nation. By admitting past US mistakes, Obama is behaving like a grown-up, and the confident leader of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Let's just hope that the measures his administration has taken regarding the US economy will bear fruit. Keeping my fingers crossed on that issue!