The Martyrdom of Pauline Hanson
When I painted Pauline Hanson as a Joan of Arc figure in 1996, the image was published on the front pages of the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, and the Herald Sun in Melbourne. As I expected, I received heaps of abuse from my left-wing friends and acquaintances.

Although I differ from Ms Hanson on many political issues (such as globalisation and immigration), I have always supported her right to speak her mind freely. She represents the views of about a million of her fellow citizens who have voted for her One Nation Party, much to the dismay of the two major political parties.

This painting has proven to be prophetic. She became a martyr to her cause as she and her colleague, David Ettridge, were jailed for a term of three years on some dubious legal grounds.

The Queensland Appeals Court has since quashed their convictions and set them free.

By the way, Ms Hanson fully appreciated the satirical nature of this project and was amused by it. It is a pity that so many of my left-wing friends have no sense of humour!