Point Piper 1
The suburb of Point Piper is perhaps the best address in Australia, let alone Sydney, and no wonder!. It is on a peninsula situated between Double Bay (Double Pay, to all keen shoppers) and Rose Bay.

I painted the very tip of Point Piper looking Westward from the seaplane landing at Rose Bay. When I first came to Sydney, there was a regular service of the old Sunderland Flying Boats to Lord Howe Island. Before that, these wonderful, lumbering seaplanes used to fly from Sydney to London, taking several days to complete the journey. There was none of this new-fangled nonsense about passengers being cooped up for 24 hours eating cardboard food. The Sunderlands would land each night at an exotic location and the 'guests' would stay overnight in well-appointed hotels ashore. Now that's what I call travelling.