Puppy Love
The distinguished gentleman on the left is the late Sir Peter Abeles. The 'puppy' is our ex-PM Bob Hawke. The pilot on the right (with the damp leg) is a symbol of all the pilots who lost their jobs when Ansett Airways went bust. The Pilot's Strike of 1989 was crushed by the Hawke Government, much to the delight of Hawke's good friend and mentor, Sir Peter.

My Labor Party sources have told me that Hawke was furious with this painting, which was published in the Sun Herald during the Pilot's Strike.

However, I have it on good authority that Sir Peter was tickled pink by the painting. Soon after the Strike, he bought a little puppy and called it 'Bob'.

For some interesting background info on the relationship between Hawke and Abeles, here is a link to a piece by the PM program on ABC Radio... http://www.abc.net.au/pm/stories/s31447.htm

Soon after this painting appeared in the Sun Herald, I was audited by the Australian Tax Office... but, of course, that was entirely coincidental.