The Japanese Garden in The Cotswolds
This house and its Japanese garden are in the Cotswolds. It is the country home of Milton Grundy, a London barrister. The house was designed in the 1960s by the architect, Patrick Litchfield. The garden was designed by my brother, Viacheslav.
The house has three bedrooms, each with its unique view of a part of the garden. The single pitch roof motif was inspired by traditional farm buildings of the area. There are two pools with connecting streams and cascades, and these are wrapped around the bedrooms, giving each its own water view.
Glimpsed through the two tree trunks and past a covered walkway, there is a sand garden with boldly placed rocks, and behind that we can see part of a mural on a wall. I painted that mural in the mid Sixties.
Wild ducks visit occasionally to enjoy the ponds. Each pond has its own island. The tiny island on the bottom left of this photo is linked by a simple zig zag bridge to one of the bedrooms which is behind the stone wall on the right.
This is the view of the house from the front gate of the grounds.

Stanley Kubrick used this part of the garden for a scene in his movie, A Clockwork Orange. In the film, the young thugs cross the garden on their way to the notorious rape scene.

However, the rape scene itself was shot in the studio.

This part of the wall painting shows what might be interpreted as a white cloud in a dark landscape. The intention of the sixty foot mural, with its single pitch roof, was to provide a quiet, suggestive, abstract backdrop to the sand garden, with its strategically placed rocks.
This is a view of the garden from the dining area of the house, with the main entrance on the left of the picture.
Sadly, both Viacheslav Atroshenko and Pat Litchfield are no longer with us, but their designs still give us much pleasure.