The Greek Island of Skyros
In 1967, I stayed on the Greek Island of Skyros. It is part of the group known as the Sporades. The island is quite large and it has a number of interesting features. The white village nestled high on the main mountain has a Byzantine Church near the summit.

Legend has it that Theseus (of the Minotaur story) commited suicide jumping from this mountain, a form of death favoured by the old aristocracy. Several miles away there is Achilles Harbour, where legend claims that Achilles was hidden by his Goddess mother, disguised as a young woman, so that he would not be enticed by Odyseus to join the warriors at the Siege of Troy, where it was foretold that he would perish.

I spent several weeks on Skyros with Justin O'Brien, Donald Friend and Brian Dunlop. For a bit of gossip about that episode, have a look at the painting called "Skyros, Musicians" in the Portaits page (or CLICK HERE ).