Labor's Secret Weapon

The Termillard

Watch out, Tony!

Bye bye, Mr Krudd.

Update: 24th June 2010

Resistance is Futile!

When I first wrote the above sentence, "Bye bye, Mr Krudd", just a few weeks ago, I had no idea that The Termillard (a.k.a. Julia Gillard) would exterminate PM Kevin Rudd so soon.

Today, Gillard has replaced Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia. The Labor Party's secret, private polling had indicated that Labor would be soundly defeated at the next Federal Election with PM Rudd in charge. So the Parliamentary Party overwhelminly backed Julia Gillard in her challenge and Rudd decided to resign as PM. Wayne Swan is to be Gillard's Deputy PM.

As to the sentence "Watch out, Tony", Mr Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader will not be too pleased to have Gillard as his opponent at the next election. The fact that she is Australia'a very first female Prime Minister will give her a huge amount of political buoyancy. And Aussies tend to be fair and to give someone like her a chance to prove herself, so I suspect that she may do well at the next poll.

Gillard has to do a lot to repair the damage done by Rudd recently, so let's wait and see!

Update: 31/7/2010

As I mentioned above, Aussies believe in giving people a "fair go", but it would appear that this sense of fair play has made many in the electorate hopping mad about the way in which Kevin Rudd was stabbed in the back by Gillard, Wayne Swan, and the Faceless Men who control the Labor Party from their smelly back rooms.

The latest opinion polls show that Labor is definitely on the nose, and if the federal election were to be held right now, the Liberal Party, led by Tony Abbott, would have won comfortably.

We are only in the middle of a very short election campaign, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Will Gillard's Labor Party bounce back, or will she sink into oblivion?

Watch this space!

Update:22nd August, 2010

The federal election was held yesterday, and it was a cliffhanger. The most likely scenario at present is that there will be a hung Parliament, with 4 Independents and 1 Green MP deciding who will be the next Prime Minister, Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Labor Party tears itself apart with bitter recriminations against those Faceless Men who knifed Kevin Rudd in the back and installed Julia Gillard as PM.

Tony Abbott has been praised to the skies for bringing the Liberal Party "back from the dead". The Libs were drowning before Abbott took over. It is only fair to give him full credit for uniting his Party and running an excellent election campaign.

Perhaps it can be said that Gillard never really recovered after someone in Labor's ranks leaked damaging information to Laurie Oakes, a venerable journalist with the Nine Network. So far, two people have been accused of being the leaker... Kevin Rudd and Lindsay Tanner. Oakes is silent on that score.

We will not know the final result of this election for about two weeks, as there are a number of seats still in doubt.