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The Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong
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Right in the heart of bustling Kowloon, there is a tranquil garden, Nan Lian, associated with the Chi Lin Nunnery. Both the garden and the Nunnery have been designed and built in the ancient style of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 906).

The Chi Lin Nunnery was founded in 1934. It fell into disrepair and was entirely rebuilt in 1990. The Tang Dynasty style was maintained throughout the reconstruction and all the buildings were built in the ancient manner, with no nails whatsoever. The buildings hold together thanks to interlocking systems of woodwork.

The Nan Lian Garden occupies 3.5 hectares (approx. 8.6 acres).

To reach the Nunnery and its garden, take the MTR (Subway) to Diamond Hill Station. It is just a few minutes walk from there and there are signs to guide you.

The Chi Lin Nunnery. The temple buildings are placed in a rectangle with formal gardens set in the middle.

The Nan Liangarden is behind us in this photo, over a stone bridge which spans a road.

There is an abundance of beautifully shaped rocks with intricate patterns. These are placed in conjunction with trees and shrubs which have been carefully trained to acquire interesting shapes.
Water plays an essential role in the garden. Sometimes it cascades from waterfalls but it also provides a tranquil home for large, colourful fish.
This gilded pagoda-like structure, with its crimson bridges, is a focus of the garden. It adds one more element to the traditional Chinese garden, evoking a miniature landscape.