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Hong Kong Travel Photos 1
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The Star Ferry is one of the icons of Hong Kong. This is the view facing South from the ferry towards Hong Kong Island.
This is the view from the Peak facing North towards Kowloon.
In Kowloon, close to the Star Ferry Terminal, this heritage building was once the home of the Marine Police. It is now a hotel with a range of shops.

One of the main funcitons of the Marine Police in olden days was the hunt for pirates who were the scourge of the seas around Hong Kong for decades.

The building with the dome is the Old Supreme Court on Hong Kong Island. It is now the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong.
All that remains of the old Kowloon-Canton Railway Station is the clock tower. The new station is at Hung Hom about a kilometre to the East.

The curved white building behind the tower is the Hong Kong Space Museum. At the bottom right of the photo is the beginning of the promenade which runs for several kilometres along the foreshore.

This is the garden of a temple at the Yuen Yuen Institute in Tsuen Wan.
Stanley is on the Southern shores of Hong Kong Island.

During World War Two, the Japanese interned all the British civilian families here. Stanley is now a fashionable place to live and it sports a large market.

This is a traditional pavilion in Kowloon Park.
This cute little bird dwells in Kowloon Park.
This cable car is a great way to travel from Tung Chung (near the airport) to Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping is a village on Lan Tau Island which is the home of the huge outdoor statue of the Buddha.

Lan Tau has an extensive system of Country Parks and is a favourite of hikers. Way in the distance, just to the right of the cable cab, we can see a silhouette of the Great Buddha.

A Temple Gate in Ngong Ping.
A musical deity in the Po Lin Monastery in Ngong Ping.
Lamma Island is just to the South of Hong Kong Island. You can catch a ferry from Hong Kong Island to the pier at Yung Shue Wan and then have a pleasant walk to Picnic Bay.

This is a view of Picnic Bay. It has several excellent fish restaurants.

Fish farming at Picnic Bay.
This colourful fish was swimming in one of the seafood restaurants in Picnic Bay.
I caught a small ferry from Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Pier at Picnic Bay which took me to Aberdeen, on Hong Kong Island.
As the sun begins to set on Hong Kong, a motorised sampan sails into the harbour from the West. The land behind the sampan is Green Island.
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