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Hong Kong Travel Photos 2
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It is rare, these days, to get a clear view of Hong Kong, so in April, 2013, when I was enjoying a stop-over here, I rushed up to the Peak to take a few photos.
This is a view of the business district of Hong Kong, taken from the Typhoon Shelter at Causeway Bay.

Note the two men on the small sampan. One of them is rowing in the traditional manner.

A view of Lye Moon Passage. This photo was taken from the Museum of Coastal Defence.

This museum is definitely worth a visit. To get there, take the MTR (Subway) to Shau Kei Wan, or, if you have the time, board a double decker tram all the way to the terminus there.

These turtles are in the Hong Kong Park, close to the heart of the business district at Admiralty.

I remember that, when I was a kid, our 4th Hong Kong Scout Hall was in a fairly rundown area close to the Peak Tram. This scrap of land has now been turned into a lovely park. My congratulations to all those responsible for this process of urban renewal.

This is one of the gorgeous orchids to be found in the Botanical Gardens, just above old Government House.
There is a delightful aviary in the middle of Hong Kong Park. Well worth strolling through it for the chance to photograph a variety of birds.
Hong Kong is blessed with a few pedestrian paths which can take you from the Peak right down to the mid-level. This is an old hospital taken along Chatham Path, not far from the Peak Tram.

Take note that these paths can be quite steep and slippery at times! It is decidedly easier to walk down these paths, rather than up them.

More orchids at the Botanical Gardens.
A trip down memory lane for me: King George V School (KGV). This is the school I attended in Hong Kong.

Remarkably, the main school building is much like I remember it from 1952, although the playing fields at the side have been overtaken by the relentless drive for apartment blocks.

Good to see that Mrs Crozier, our superb French teacher, has had a House named after her!