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This is the third page of travel photos from my trip to Italy.

In September and October of 2009, I spent a delightful month travelling in Italy.

I took literally thousands of photos, many of which seem to have come out well. Since it would be ridiculous to put them all up on this site at once, I thought it best to rotate them on this travel page once in a while. So, if you enjoy the ones below, please drop by on occasion to view some of my other Italian travel pix.

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Piazza Navona in Rome.
Montepulciano is a gorgeous hilltop town in Southern Tuscany.

I travelled there by local train from Florence and I then caught a bus from the station to the town itself. The local train system in Italy is both cheap and efficient. It is an excellent way of travelling in that country.

Alas, I found that Eurail has become a real rip-off since the time, many moons ago, when I used it widely and effectively. I can no longer recommend it.

This is the base of the pulpit in the Cathedral of Ravello. I enjoyed exploring this mountain village near Amalfi, and I found a picturesque path which took me all the way down to the sea, at Atrani.
The Bourbon Palace in Caserta, in the South of Italy, is famous for its fountains and waterfalls, splashing down from its own mountain.
This magnificent Basilica of Saint Agnese, in Rome, was built in the 7th Century. It is dedicated to Saint Agnes. Wikipaedia states that...

"Saint Agnes was a member of Roman nobility born in 291 and raised in a Christian family. She suffered martyrdom at age 13 during the reign of the Eastern Roman Emperor Diocletian, on January 21, 304."

The Grand Canal, Venice.
In this photo of Amalfi, taken on the road from Atrani, you can feel the power of the mountains which plunge into the ocean along the entire coast to the towns of Praiano and Positano.
Praino, on the Amalfitana.

The coloured tiles of the dome of this church seem to be a feature of the local architecture.

A fragment of a mural by Raphael, in the Vatican Museum.
Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.
Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo's Last Judgement.
A restaurant by the sea, on the Eastern coast of Capri.