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Macau 2016
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We visited Macau on a day trip from Hong Kong.
Old Colonial Macau still exists in a compact part of the city. The locals and the tourists both enjoy the ambience.
The shops are full of curiosities. Hong Kong dollars are accepted in Macau shops, but beware that Macau dollars are NOT accepted in Hong Kong!
Only the facade remains of the old St Paul's Cathedral, but it is still an impressive sight.
These sturdy remnants of the old walls of St Pauls frame a Buddhist temple.
The Fortaleza do Monte is an old fort sitting atop the hill beside St Pauls.
The view from the Fortaleza do Monte, looking South.
A street mural painted on tiles showing Macau as it may have looked like in years past.
When in Macau, one must visit at least one casino. We chose the Venetian for its splendid, over-the-top decorations.
Perpetual twilight provides a soothing atmosphere to encourage patrons to loosen their purse strings!
This is the new Studio City Casino. It is close to the Venetian on the Southern Island of Macau.
This elegant bridge connects the two main islands of Macau. The shot was taken from the ferry terminal as we waited for our trip back to Hong Kong.