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Welcome to Paris. The Louvre. The glass pyramid is apparently still hated by the locals, and loved by the tourists.
Delacroix's "Liberty leading the People" in the Louvre is a quintessential French Revolutionary painting. Ironic that it is now housed in what was once a Royal Palace.
The spirit of rebellion is still alive in the Latin Quarter.

Demo on the Boule Miche.

The Senate, facing the Jardin du Luxembourg.
The Church of Ste Etienne du Mont is in the Latin Quarter, close to the Pantheon.
"The Nation Recognises its Great Men". Not entirely politically correct but useful as an inscription for the Pantheon, final resting place for a number of "Grands Hommes". Voltaire and Victor Hugo are interred here, and Madame Marie Curie was placed here with her husband in 1995. She was only the second woman to have this honour bestowed upon her.
The Seine. The Ile de la Cite seen from the Left Bank.
Notre Dame.
A row of Saints on the porch of Notre Dame.
The transept of Notre Dame.
Three Saints in vitro. Notre Dame.
Painted sculpture in Notre Dame. Scenes from the Life of Christ.
Cheeky sparrows in the square facing Notre Dame.
A building of the Justice Department on the Ile de la Cite.
The Left Bank from the river.
A nonchalant bookseller by the Seine.