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No collection of images of Paris would be complete without at least one shot of the Eiffel Tower. Here it is framed between two gilded winged horses representing Pegasus, on the bridge named after Tsar Alexander III. Paris has had a welcome face lift since my last visit.
This is one of my favourite views of the Seine, taken from the pedestrian bridge called the Pont des Arts. The curve of the river bank, the barges, and the two bridges to the Ile de la Cite make a delightful scene.
These odd shapes of rooves and spires in the Latin Quarter caught my eye.
Near the Sorbonne.
Apartments in a fashionable district. I wonder if the buildings have lifts? I recall that many years ago I stayed at a hotel in Paris which had no lift. Carrying luggage five floors, up steep and narrow staircases, was a joy.
Water fountains. Looking towards the Boule Miche.
The Ponts des Arts, from the Left Bank of the Seine.
The exquisite Sainte Chapelle, on the Ile de la Cite. It was consecrated in 1248 during the reign of Louis IX, and is one the most glorious examples of the High Gothic style known as 'Rayonnant'. Remarkably, it retains most of its original glass windows.
Sainte Chapelle has lovely painted sculpture dotted throughout the two floors of the structure. The 19th Century restoration work is said to have been faithful to the original design. It is certainly a delight to behold today.
Sainte Chapelle. The Crown of Thorns carried aloft by two carved angels.
It is so enjoyable seeing a Gothic structure in its full chromatic splendour. The statues and the stained glass work together again.
A view of Sainte Chapelle showing the amazing lightness of the stone structure.
And, finally, two views of Notre Dame from the River Seine,