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My wife and I spent 11 days in November, 2007, driving clockwise around the island State of Tasmania, staying in cabins and motels along the way. Tasmania is a little gem for the traveller, with scenic treasures in all its corners. The restaurant meals we had there were excellent, especially the seafood.
Dove Lake, in the Cradle Mountain National Park.
The fishing fleet in Hobart. A delightful little harbour.
Russell Falls, in the Mount Field National Park. This is part of the rugged Heritage Zone in the South West of the State.
A wallaby with her Joey (baby) in her pouch. Wallabies tend to be smaller than kangaroos. In the various National Parks, these creatures have lost much of their natural fear of humans, and one can walk up fairly close to them.
These romantic ruins at Port Arthur are a reminder of the grim early days of Australia as a British Penal Colony. The transportation of convicts from England to Australia finally ended in the 1850s.

On the 28th April, 1996, 35 people were killed and 37 others were wounded in a shooting spree here at Port Arthur, which by then had become a popular tourist site. A 28 year old man, Martin Bryant, eventually admitted committing these crimes. This terrible incident led to substantive gun law reforms in Australia.

Man's best friend!
The white sliver of sand in the distance is Wineglass Bay, in the Freycinet National Park. This photo was taken from the Lighthouse.
A wombat at Cradle Mountain. Note that she is carrying a baby in her marsupial pouch. Unlike the wallaby and kangaroo, the wombat pouch faces to the rear of the mother. This may be because the wombat is renowned for its ability to dig deep burrows in the earth, and a forward facing pouch would collect too much dirt in the digging process.
A beautiful stand of tree ferns at the Liffey Falls.
The Village of Richmond, just a few kilometers from Hobart, is blessed with a number of Georgian houses, and some excellent cafes.
A couple of buskers, playing at the Salamanca Markets in Hobart.
The Liffey waterfall. These falls are fairly close to Launceston, Tasmania's second largest city.