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The last time I travelled to Turkey was in 2008. However, I had visited Turkey three times before, and I have always found it to be a fascinating and friendly country. I think that my first visit there was sometime in the 1970s, but don't quote me on that! I have a lousy memory for dates.

The photos below were probably taken well over a decade ago. They began their working lives as Kodachrome colour slides, and were later...much later... scanned and turned into digital images. There are two pages of photos from my last trip in 2008.

Gumusluk is a beautiful little fishing village close to the busy town of Bodrum, on the Southern shores of Turkey.
The marvelous shapes created by Nature at Capadoccia.
Old castle walls along the Bosphorus
A seafood restaurant at the Northern end of the Bosphorus
Antalya, Turkey. The entrance to the enchanting old Roman Harbour, built in the time of the Emperor Hadrian.
Another example of Nature's handiwork in Capadoccia
Cappadocia. Ruins of caves cut into the soft volcanic rock a few hundred years ago by Christian monks.
The Chair... Capadoccia!