Saint Kevin the Humane
Most Australians would probably agree that our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is some kind of saint. He has declared that his policy towards 'illegal' asylum seekers is "tough but humane".

This is apparently in contrast to the stand of our previous PM, John Howard, who was simply tough towards the 'illegals'... skipping the humane bit. Howard's policies, deemed cruel by the Left, certainly put a stop to attempts by people smugglers to get their human cargoes onto Australian shores from an armada of leaky boats.

Alas, Saint Kevin's "humane" approach has resulted in a new flood of boats carrying 'illegals' heading towards Australia. This is SO unfair! His humanity and saintliness have been interpreted simply as weakness.

Mind you, some cynics have dared to suggest that Saint Kevin is being duplicitous. They hint that he can be either tough towards the 'illegals', or humane, but not both at the same time.

But we sophisticates understand why our Saint Kev should try to get away with this piece of doublespeak. On his left, many who may vote for the Labor Party demand a humane approach, and these voters will drift away to the ultra-left Greens if their wishes are unfulfilled. But there is evidence to suggest that the majority of voters actually approved of John Howard's tough policies... and Saint Kevin must also woo this majority to be re-elected.

It is the fate of all True Saints to suffer.

Update (28-4-10)

Oh dear! Saint Kevin's 'humane' approach to asylum seekers arriving by boat did not last long, and is now officially declared dead. More boats carrying 'illegals' have arrived in Australian waters this year than in any previous year, and, with a federal election looming, our Kevin has decided that he could no longer afford political sainthood. He is now intent on proving that he can be just as mean and nasty towards 'illegals' as his predecessor, John Howard.

He has decreed that any asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka will no longer have their asylum status processed. He has declared that those two countries are now utterly safe havens for all their citizens. I have no idea who has provided him with such intelligence.

Actually, this move, besides being legally dodgy, probably makes him even MEANER than Howard.

Off with his halo!

Update: 24th June 2010

Oh dear! Just above I wrote "Off with his halo!"

Julia Gillard today said "Off with his HEAD!"

Kevin Rudd has just been obliged to resign as Prime Minister of Australia, after being challenged by his loyal Deputy. Apparently, there was hardly any support for him in the Labor Party Caucus, and he realised that resistance was futile.

Ms Gillard (a.k.a The Termillard... see the pic of her HERE) has now become our first female Prime Minister.

There should be a Federal Election held pretty soon, so we will see if the Labor Party can claw back sufficient support to be re-elected with Julia Termillard as Supremo.