Symbolist Paintings
This page has thumbnails of my symbolist and allegorical paintings.

To view larger images of these works, please click on the thumbnails.

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Stand Behind the Yellow Line
3 Philosophers Arguing on the Planet Archaeon Mother and Child
The Alcazar, Seville
St Paul

The Road to Damascus

The Crown of Thorns An Unnatural History of Australian Fauna and Flora
The Pilgrim Jason and Chiron Mythical Still Life
The Sacrifice Honeymoon in Sydney Oedipus Rex
Maralinga Mabel at the Opera House
House on the Water
The Garden of Eden
The Locusts
Psyche, in search of Eros Nurse and Child
Memories of Vietnam Buddhist Landscape
Dragon Moon War And Peace The Demons of Wall Street
The Eye Flowers for the Pharoah The Lotus and the Rose
Pandora's Box

The Forth and Clyde The Sacred Mushroom
The Messenger Sleeping Goddess St George and the Dragon
Time Traveller 1. Onlooker Time Traveller 2. Coronation
Time Traveller 3. Leonardo
Time Traveller 4. 300 + 1 Time Traveller 5. Intrepreter Time Traveller 6. Prometheus
The Refugees The Greenhouse Effect La Dame Aux Camelias
Homeless Alone
The Vengeance of Kali The Departure of Frodo The Ride of the Valkyrie
The Golden Calf meets the Burning Bush... Death and the Maiden The King, the Queen and the Wizard
Did you bring your Moral Compass?
Mind in Matter Climbing the Mountain
The Veils of Gaia
The Dreamer